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What's New at Lance Aux Epines Cottages?

Summer 2011. Rebuild closets in Osprey, Gaulin, Kestrel & Ramier.

January 2011. Wi-Fi installed in cottages and apartments.

December 2010.  New beach bar and barbecue "Sand Bar" opened.

Summer 2010.  New walkway and gazebo in front of apartments.

Summer 2010.  Rebuild kitchens in Kestrel & Ramier Apartment.

6-Apr-09.  New CD Player Clock Radios for cottages and apartments.

25-Mar-09.  New Composting system implemented.

12-Sep-08.  Rebuild closets in Kite & Wren Apartment.

2-July-08.  New Hammocks for all cottages.

3-May-08.  Lance Aux Epines Cottages hosts 21st Annual Grenada Triathlon.

15-Feb-08.  New energy saving program implemented (linens & towels reuse program).

17-Dec-07.  New living room furniture for Kite, Kestrel and Wren apartments.  New computer table for Sandpiper and Hummingbird cottage.

11-Dec-07.  New washing machines installed.

20-Nov-07.  Lots of new stock received.  Towels, linens, etc.

16-Nov-07.  Finished rebuilding steps to Kestrel Apartment.

22-Oct-07.  Rebuilt steps to Kite Apartment.

19-Oct-07.  Sanded and polished wooden floor of apartment complex.

12-Oct-07.  Rebuild closet in Swallow Cottage.

27-Sep-07.  Fire safety training for all employees.

20-Sep-07.  Completely refurbished bathrooms in Pelican and Service Building.  Rebuilt kitchen in Service Building.

10-July-07.  Completely refurbished the bathrooms in Osprey & Gaulin Cottages.

2-July-07.  Nice new cushions for beach chairs!  Photo coming soon.  Thanks for the suggestion Gerry!

6-May-07.  Lance Aux Epines Cottages hosts 20th Annual Grenada Triathlon...  PHOTOS available!

14-Feb-07.  New games available for borrowing: Scrabble, Snakes & Ladders, Draughts (Checkers), Chess, Connect 4, Chinese Checkers, Dominoes, Playing Cards.  (Come to reception during business hours to borrow these.)

7-Feb-07.  Happy Independence Day Grenada!  Click here for some photos of us...

6-Feb-07.  Shared cottages DSL connection speed increased from 512 kbps download/128 kbps upload to 1544 kbps download/512 kbps upload.  Webcam will update faster now.  Faster browsing for guest using internet connection in their cottage or apartment.

1-Feb-07.  Pool table recovered.  New pool cues too.

25-Jan-07.  New backup water pump installed.

24-Jan-07.  New reading lamps installed in all cottages & apartments.

15-Jan-07.  Brand new Dell computer for TV Lounge.  Now availble: Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger or AOL Instant Messenger available.  Computer games: Half-life, Battlezone, Descent 3, Halo, Unreal Tournament, Colin McRae Rally 2, Need For Speed, The Sims, Age of Mythology.

22-Nov-06.  New insulation for roof in Sandpiper Cottage.

8-Nov-06.  Completed refurbished two bathrooms in Frigate Cottage.

26-Oct-06.  New landscaping company contracted to mow lawns.

18-Oct-06.  New Brochures for Lance Aux Epines Cottages!

17-Oct-06.  New insulation for roof in TV/Game Room.

9-Oct-06.  New Garden Cart to move luggage and stuff.

4-Oct-06.  New insulation for roof in Swallow and Hummingbird Cottages.

2-Oct-06.  New kitchen installed in Osprey Cottage.

23-Sep-06.  New walkway for Pelican Cottage.

11-July-06. Two new peddle-boats put into circulation.

26-June-06.  New lounge chairs for the beach.

19-June-06.  Brand new kitchen installed in Gaulin Cottage.

10-June-06.  New umbrellas installed on picnic tables.

29-May-06.  New ceiling installed in Kestrel Apartment.

18-May-06.  Nice new flag and flagpole installed.  Weather station installed at the top for better wind readings.

14-Feb-06.  Water cooler installed at reception area.

2-Nov-05.  Ms. Thaneia Haywood joins the Lance Aux Epines Cottages team in our reservations/front desk department!

17-Oct-05.  Replaced bathroom vanities and bathroom mirrors in Sandpiper Cottage.

19-Sep-05.  Repaired and replaced bathroom tiles in Sandpiper and Pelican Cottage.  

14-July-05.  Electricity restored in our area and other than a bit of tidying up on the grounds LANCE AUX EPINES COTTAGES IS FINE and open for business!  Our Webcam is back online HERE.  Our new live Weather page is HERE.

13-July-05.  Tropical storm "Emily" comes to Grenada, leaves Grenada as Category 1 Hurricane Emily.  Lots of rain, wind and electricity knocked out for about 19 hours!  According to our new onsite weather station 4.87 inches of rain in just 24 hours...

5-July-05.  Installed Weather Station at the Lance Aux Epines Cottages office.  Rainfall at our location began to be recorded from this day.  Check the conditions here or here.

27-June-05.  Installed Employee Time Clock in the reception area.

20-June-05.  Installed Wireless Access Point in the reception area.  Surf the net wirelessly with your laptop within approximately 100 feet or so of our office/reception area.  High-speed wireless internet service free of charge (until further notice)!

14-June-05:  Planted very cool looking Lotus Lily in the copper; thanks Randy!

30-May-05.  Electricity meters installed in Osprey, Frigate, Wren and Ramier.

20-May-05.  Planting Day!  Planted 15 new coconut trees on the beach.

22-Apr-05.  Put guppies and a water hyacinth in the copper.  Waiting for Randy Renwick to bring us some water lilies!

12-Apr-05.  Filled our new (100+ year old) "Cooper" with water.  You can sort of see this from our Webcam.  Guppies & water lilies to be added soon.  A copper is a large cast-iron evaporator or cauldron used to boil down sugarcane and the like.  The copper is marked "Carron" and is made in Scotland probably in the 1800's.

23-Mar-05.  Completed installation of rope privacy fence on the beach.  If you look carefully you can view this from our live Webcam (its the white line along the beach).

9-Feb-05.  New shade-umbrellas installed on all picnic tables.

24-Jan-05.  AAA/CAA Tourism Information Development visits Lance Aux Epines Cottages and awards us a 2 Diamond Rating.  The evaluator Charles Bennett comments that "Property has made many improvements since last evaluation".  AAA/CAA Diamond Rating Explained: "Two Diamond: These establishments appeal to the traveller seeking more than the basic accommodations. There are modest enhancements to the overall physical attributes, design elements, and amenities of the facility typically at a moderate price".  Full explanations available at:

20-Jan-05.  Electricity meter installed at Sandpiper and Pelican cottage.

15-Jan-05.  Workshop area rebuilt and made serviceable again.

24-Dec-04.  All cottages and apartments now available for rental.  Click Here to view Ivan Updates page.

23-Dec-04.  Beachside gazebo repaired.  Barbeque area made serviceable again.

21-Dec-04.  Ocean Kayaks and Hobie Cat sailboat dusted off and made serviceable again.

21-Nov-04.  New mobile (cellular) telephones available on request from the office; make inexpensive local and international calls using prepaid cards available at the office.

5-Nov-04.  Pelican Cottage now available for rent.

2-Nov-04.  Finished repairing roadside fence.

29-Oct-04.  Completed beach/grounds debris removal.

26-Oct-04.  Rebuilt the roof over office reception area.

18-Oct-04.  Finished restoring new roofs to all of the cottages and apartments.  Redecorating and ceiling work continues.

8-Sept-04.  We begin cleaning up and rebuilding the property!

7-Sept-04.  Hurricane Ivan does significant damage to the roofs on many of our cottages and apartments.  :-(

7-July-04.  Removed old driveway from Osprey and Gaulin and landscaped these areas.

21-June-04.  New name tags for all Lance Aux Epines Cottages employees.

10-June-04.  New living room furniture for Frigate cottage.

5-June-04.  New shower faucets and tiling in the bathroom for Wren and Ramier apartments.

2-June-04.  Completed new concrete driveways and parking area unobtrusively located behind cottages and apartments.  New footpath from parking areas to cottages.  New lighting for parking area and some of the footpaths.

29-May-04.  Brand new shower faucets and tiling in the bathroom for Kite and Kestrel apartments and Swallow and Hummingbird cottages.

22-May-04.  New bathroom vanities for Kite and Kestrel apartments.

20-May-04.  New bedroom lighting in bedrooms of all cottages and apartments.  Moved bedroom socket outlets in Osprey and Gaulin cottages.

14-May-04:  New desk/work table for Sandpiper, Pelican, Swallow and Hummingbird cottages.

3-May-04.  Covered ugly septic tanks with earth and planted grass and flowers on them.

31-Mar-04.  Nice new computer for guest use installed in TV Lounge.  Now you can even print stuff to the office printers if needed.

26-Mar-04.  New picket fence installed along the road by service building.

13-Mar-04.  Rebuilding wastewater treatment facility at service building to provide for treated recycled water with which to water garden.

1-Mar-04.  Completed new plant nursery/greenhouse where we will grow and maintain flowers and other nice plants for our rooms and the garden.  

23-Feb-04.  New rain gutter for Pelican and Osprey cottages.

19-Feb-04.  New toll-free number for reservations: 1-877-444-4565
(USA and Canada only).

26-Jan-04.  Nice new doors and door locks installed in all of the apartments.  It is no longer possible to accidentally lock yourself out of your apartment!

10-Nov-03.  Installed new ceiling fan in the dining room of Osprey and Gaulin cottages.  Now all of our cottages and apartments have a ceiling fan in the dining room/sitting room.

13-Oct-03.  Completed new roadside fence behind Sandpiper and Pelican cottage.

9-Oct-03.  Refurbish/expansion of the office and reception area complete!  Office/reception area is now more spacious and offers a shady porch area. 

26-Sep-03.  Installed new CD Player Clock Radio in each cottage and apartment.

22-Sep-03.  Replaced the bedroom windows in each unit of the apartment complex.  Finished rebuilding/redesigning the kitchen in Pelican Cottage.

15-Sep-03.  Completed fencing of area of land near to service building.

8-Sep-03.  Entire contents of the office moved to Sandpiper cottage so that old office can be refurbished and expanded.  Webcam is now in Sandpiper.  Cool nursery starts landscaping.  Start rebuilding kitchen in Pelican.

6-Sep-03.  Dug up the seaweed in front of a part of the beach to make a nicer swimming area.

1-Sep-03.  Adjusted our housekeeping service so that we now have a dedicated laundry person to make things easier and for increased efficiency.  Thanks Berril-Ann!  

1-Sep-03.   Tim is very pleased to welcome the newest member of the team at Lance Aux Epines Cottages: Mrs. Fiona Greaves (new Office Manager).

18-Aug-03.  Expanded the workshop area used our maintenance man "David".  Moved everything from his old workshop into this new area and now use his workshop as a supply/distribution room, allowing us to move all the cottage supplies, etc. out of the office (making it MUCH less cluttered).  

25-July-03.  Completed rebuilding and improving the laundry drying area of the service building.  Purchased and installed a new laundry dryer making it easier for our laundry department to return your clean laundry to you even when it is raining!

24-July-03.  Added new double beds to Pelican cottage.  Each bedroom now has a double bed AND a single bed in the bedroom (instead of two single beds).  Received new bar/breakfast counter stools for Sandpiper and Pelican cottages. 

18-July-03.  Ordered and received new towels.  In addition to beach towels and bath towels, we now provide in the bathroom hand towels and face cloths.  

17-July-03.  Added new double beds to Frigate and Sandpiper cottages.  Each bedroom in these units now has a double bed AND a single bed in the bedroom (instead of two single beds).

16-July-03.  Finished rebuilding the kitchen in Sandpiper cottage.  Kitchen now has a breakfast counter and much more storage space.

5-July-03.  Redesigned the indoor garden in Swallow cottage.  More hanging plants and 2 new ficus (sp?) trees inside.

27-June-03.  Tim is very pleased to welcome the newest member of the team at Lance Aux Epines Cottages: Ms. Beryl Grant (Assistant Manager/Consultant). Ms. Grant will work on a part-time basis on the improvement of our guest rooms and the upgrading of our grounds in conjunction with her landscaping company "Cool Nursery".

25-June-03.  Added private electronic safe to each cottage and apartment.  Safe is installed in the closet of the bedroom and is large enough to fit a camera and laptop computer.

31-May-03.  Changed our deposit policy.  25% deposit is now required instead of 3 nights.

31-May-03.  DVD/CD/MP3 Player now available in TV/Game Room.

3-Apr-03.  Lance Aux Epines Cottages is very pleased to offer Online Booking for the first time ever. Click Here to try it out!

1-Mar-03.  New dive shop ScubaTech opened just a few steps down the beach from us!

11-Feb-03.  Cottages visited by representative of AAA/CAA.  Representative evaluated Gaulin, and Frigate cottages and Ramier apartment and gave Lance Aux Epines Cottages a Two Diamond rating.  Now that we are listed in their TourBook Guide our property will be evaluated each year.

5-Feb-03.  Bought a nice new refrigerator for Osprey and Pelican Cottage.

6-Dec-02.  Bought two nice new refrigerators for apartments.

2-Dec-02.  Bright new curtains, bedspreads and artwork for Kite, Kestrel, Wren and Ramier Apartments.

27-Nov-02.  Rebuilt service yard behind Gaulin cottage.

22-Nov-02.  Bright new curtains, bedspreads and artwork for Swallow & Hummingbird cottages.

10-Oct-02.  New straw mats for Gaulin, Sandpiper, Pelican, Swallow and Humminbird.

25-Sept-02.  Bright new curtains, bedspreads and artwork for Sandpiper & Pelican cottages.

6-Sept-02.  Bright new curtains, bedspreads and artwork for Frigate cottage.

2-Sept-02.  Received 12 new beach lounge chairs to replace old mashed-up ones.

26-Aug-02.  Painted front gate, gateposts and outside of office.

19-Aug-02.  New gate for driveway.

6-Aug-02.  Refurbished reception area.  New front desk, new ligthing.

2-Aug-02.  New dining room table for Frigate.

23-July-02.  Changed twin bed to a double bed in one bedroom cottages.  One bedroom cottage (Swallow & Hummingbird) now have 1 double bed and 1 twin bed in the bedroom. 

11-July-02.  Bright new curtains, bedspreads and artwork for Osprey and Gaulin cottages.

July-02.  Replaced several soft mattresses with new ones.

19-June-02.  Treated exterior of all buildings for subterranean termites.  Also poisoned all land-crabs on the compound.  

17-June-02.  Rebuilt service yard behind Osprey Cottage, cut down huge sea-grape tree behind Osprey.  Repaired kitchen cupboard in Osprey.  Termites!  :-(

30-May-02.  Rebuilt walkway from apartments to Swallow & Hummingbird.
No more new photos for the time being, because my digital camera has some kind of mould growing on the inside of the lens from the humidity...  :-(

15-May-02.  Built 7 new picnic tables.  Each cottage/apartment now has its very own picnic table in front of it.  (no photo yet)

10-Apr-02.  Built a new storage shed/workshop near to the service building.  (no photo yet)

18-Dec-01.  Lowered the cost of cooking service.  We now provide complimentary coffee in each room.

30-Nov-01.  Roadside wall finally finished.

15-Nov-01.  Microwaves, coffee makers, blenders now available in each kitchen.

10-Nov-01.  Hairdryers installed in the bathroom of each unit.

11-Oct-01.  Began construction of roadside concrete block wall behind apartments and Hummingbird/Swallow cottages.  For additional privacy and to keep road noise out.

5-Oct-01.  Replaced leaking roof over Hummingbird & Swallow cottages.  

30-Jul-01.  Finished "beautification of wrought iron" in apartment complex.

23-Jul-01.  Concrete table-tennis table on the beach was demolished.  We have table-tennis available in the TV/Game room instead.  Old table was an eyesore!

20-Jul-01.  We have a new dinghy with outboard engine.  Fishing/snorkelling trips can be arranged!

22-Jun-01.  Computer with high speed Internet access now available in our TV/Game room.

15-Jun-01.  High speed (ADSL) Internet access now available from our cottages & apartments. 

9-Jun-01.  We've got a new foosball (soccer) table and a new table-tennis table in the TV/Game room.

28-Apr-01.  We have a new Hobie Cat Club Wave catamaran which replaces the sunfish sailboat.

Apr-01.  Installed broad-band Internet connection in the office.

Mar-01.  We will change the way housekeeer/cooking service is arranged.  Click here for details.

Oct-00.  Apartment "beautification" project: Exterior of apartment complex faced with imported stone.

Oct-00.  Gaulin kitchen cabinets refurbished.

Sept-00.  Cut down and pruned many old trees on the property. 

July-00.  Refurbished/replaced steps on our apartment complex.

14-Jan-00.  New postcard of our beach available.  We have a new Post Office Box Number (1187 instead of 187).  Letters sent to our old box number will still reach us.

December 14, 1999.  Installed a convex safety mirror at the entrance to our driveway.

November 30, 1999.  We now have a VHS video cassette recorder (NTSC) available in our TV/Game room.

November 27, 1999.  Replaced old window type air-conditioning units in the apartment complex with quiet split-system units.

November 11, 1999.  Grenada hit by storm surge from bizarre Hurricane Lenny which passed 300 miles to the north.  No, there wasn't damage done to Lance Aux Epines Cottages or the beach in front of our property!  Part of the main road on the West Coast was damaged from the very high tide and unusually rough seas.  Although there was some damage done to Grand Anse beach, it's business as usual for tourism in Grenada with all Hotels & Guest Houses undamaged and in full operation!

November, 1999.  Lots of painting and varnishing done around and about.  Thanks Mr. Joseph!

November, 1999.  New curtains for apartment complex.

October 20, 1999.  Completed project to light the grounds outside.

September 17, 1999.  New roadside sign installed.

September 13, 1999.  Main road outside Lance Aux Epines Cottages finally resurfaced.  Thank you Govt. of Grenada and CCC!

September 10, 1999.  New brochure stand installed in the office.

September, 1999.  Bill Gates comes to Lance Aux Epines?

May 15, 1999.  Office expansion to properly accommodate vending machine.

February 22, 1999.  Conference chairs and dart board added to game room.

February 1, 1999.  Foosball (soccer) table added to game room.

January 12, 1999.  Took noisy TV's out of all of the apartments.   Guests can now watch TV in game room instead.
(Old TV's could only get one channel anyway!)

January 1, 1999.  Finished construction of the new TV/game room.

December 15, 1998.  Drink/Snack vending machine put into service.

November 20, 1998.  Completed construction of a concrete wall along the north-western edge of the property for additional privacy.

April 15, 1998.  New solar water-heater for Pelican & Sandpiper cottages.

December 15, 1997. Two new commercial washing machines installed at laundry facility.

November 28, 1997. Pelican roof replaced & vinyl floor tile replaced with ceramic.

October 20, 1997. Osprey and Gaulin roofs replaced.

October 17, 1997. Fresh water shower installed on the beach for our guests.

September 25, 1997. Three ocean kayaks are now available for our guests.

September 10, 1997. Ceramic tile countertop replaces Formica countertop in both our one bedroom cottages.

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