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The use of the Hobie Cat is included in your rental.  Available to qualified sailors only.
Click Here for the limited hours of use.

On April 28, 2001 we launched our new Hobie Cat Club Wave.  Here are the pictures: 

P4280009.JPG (50626 bytes)
Some assembly required...
P4280011.JPG (53509 bytes)
Who needs instructions?
P4280015.JPG (53783 bytes)
Where is the mast?
P4280020.JPG (28478 bytes)
Hoisting the sail.
P4280023.JPG (34048 bytes)
Now it's ready.
P4280024.JPG (27018 bytes)
Beautiful, isn't it?
P4280031.JPG (30944 bytes)
Maiden voyage.
P4280048.JPG (26015 bytes)
No wind today.
hobiec1.jpg (26785 bytes)
Kids get a turn.
P4280057.JPG (26713 bytes)
Returning home.
P4280058.JPG (28108 bytes)
Watch the tree!
P4280060.JPG (36496 bytes)
A well deserved Carib.


Still want more info?  Click Here for manufacturers specs.   Click Here for sailing guide (PDF file).

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